Interiors Vol. 2

The Galerie Idea Fixa presents the 2013 work collection of Michael Meister which is on display for the first time.

The tableaux are digital paintings: Meister first draws by hand with Indian ink and paints thereafter using an interactive monitor.

The “Interiors” of Michael Meister tries to invoke the moment where the hierarchies between humans, space and nature are suspended. Thereby the detail serves as a membrane.

The internal space defines the outside. By reducing the content of the pictures the artist creates a floating state between reality and fantasy, between the possible and the impossible. The depictions are nested in space and suggest a balance between closeness and distance. Frequently they focus on functional elements which carry no meaning in themselves. But the simple aesthetics places them into a suggestive context such as a door handle in front of the wide open sky. If the viewer takes one step back the paintings gain a narrative quality and tell a story – if he approaches the pictures impart feelings of forlornness and sobriety. The light incidence is of major importance and the coloring seeks to evoke different emotions – mostly melancholia.

The floor painting is an installation specially designed for the gallery: the visitor steps into the the episode und becomes part of the art work.

The work of Michael Meister relates polarities or contrasts such as color and light, poignancy and vagueness, surfaces and lines as well as covering and glazing surface.